FCC expected to enforce Net Neutrality

Score one for the little(ish) guys! The Federal Communication Commission is expected to vote to regulate the internet as a public good. Republican Senators were looking to block the ruling but today announced that they would not seek to do that. Basically this means the internet will stay an open source for all to use equally.

Had the FCC not ruled this way we could have easily seen a situation where cable and broadband providers created “super speed highways” charging more money to companies that use higher bandwith. Meaning that if Comcast, who owns NBC, which owns Hulu, wanted to deliver a blow to rival Netflix, they could have by charging Netflix more money to use internet speeds fast enough to stream videos. Internet companies thorough out the country went to battle against the major cable providers to convince the FCC to regulate the internet equally. It appears as though they may have won.

Check out this article in the NYTimes that better sums up what happened today here.

And as always John Oliver explains everything better. Here is his great explanation of Net Neutrality and the consequences that can have for everyday consumers.


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